Rag 'n' Bone Brown is an online video channel documenting woodworking, restoration, DIY and upcycling projects using mainly salvaged wood and reclaimed materials by Keith Brown, Maker Of Things. Videos range from build projects like furniture builds and restorations, workshop projects, home & garden & pet projects to vlogs, tool reviews and influencer interviews. Based in Norwich in the UK, the channel began in 2015 on YouTube.

Coffee Table With Hidden Drawer - Part 2 of 2

#woodworking #coffeetable #drawer

In this video I finish making a panelled design coffee table with a hidden secret drawer using beech and birch for my mum and dad as a gift.  In this video I make a top for the table, table top mounts that allow for expansion and contraction of the wood, and I try to match some existing furniture in their living room (from memory and without seeing it due to the current lockdown measures, which was tricky!).

Part 1: https://youtu.be/df9r-cDMDx4

Coffee Table With Hidden Drawer

#woodworking #coffeetable #drawer

In this video I begin making a panelled design coffee table with a hidden secret drawer using beech and birch for my mum and dad as a gift.  I needed to match some existing furniture in their living room for this project, and the finishing will be covered in part 2 of the video.

Part 2: https://youtu.be/gz6a70Paocs

Plans and cut list for this build are available via my Patreon (free to patrons) or for a small fee on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/799404994

Drawer Runners: https://amzn.to/3gcL7Xq

£1 Piano Stool Makeover

In this video I'll be working on a piano stool which I found at our local recycling centre for something like 50p or £1 - I can't remember...  This is less of a furniture restoration project, and more of a conversion project, I guess - as we had no use for a piano stool - but we were looking for a foot stool to go with our Parker Knoll Armchair which I restored back in December (link below).  The stool needed some repairs and a replacement seat pad, there is an issue with the hinges too.  I reupholstered using some modern foam, wadding and mustard velvet fabric.  The ori

Wood Turning - Getting Started With The Lathe & First Turning Project

In this video I get started with wood turning and using a lathe. 

Video timeline, in case you want to skip to the bits you're interested in:
Buying A New Lathe 0:23
Chisels & Accessories 5:17
Work Area 9:19
First Turning Project 11:43
Learning Resources 17:41

Making Bedside Tables / Night Stands : ONE HAND CHALLENGE

In this video I make a pair of solid hardwood bedside tables, or night stands using only one hand - my "non-dominant" left hand for a challenge set by Leo Winstanley at the Hand-I-Craft YouTube channel.

This build is made entirely from salvaged materials - the oak came from some old kitchen cabinet doors taken from our house renovation, and the mahogany was salvaged from a church refurbishment site a few years ago.

Tips, Help & Advice for YouTube Makers

In this video I talk about how to be a maker on YouTube... In my opinion!

I get asked a lot for advice from people either wanting to start a YouTube maker channel, or people who have already started one and are finding it challenging.  I am not an expert on this stuff at all, but I have learned some stuff about what works and what doesn't work for me, so this is just me sharing my experiences, learnings suggestions and opinions.

Making A Ring Box

In this video I make a ring box using some mystery wood.  I carved a decorative design in to the lid, and also use some bits from the workshop to make the inside of the box to hold the ring in place inside the box.

The technique that I use to make the box is similar to that used in a bandsaw box design - i.e. it ends up looking like one solid piece of wood with grain continuation running around the box, with the inside of the box hollowed out.


In this video I'm going to make a ring box.

Vlog #11 - I Got A Lathe! Plus New Table Saw, Workshop Changes & Milwaukee Tools

Welcome to Vlog number 11.

Video Timings:
Work In Progress - 0:22
Workshop Changes - 2:46
I Got A Lathe - 6:07
Milwaukee Tools - 8:59
Tool Talk - 11:54

In this one I talk about my work in progress, some workshop changes - wall insulation, new workshop cabinet and timber storage, my new (secondhand) lathe, Milwaukee Tools including table saw, 12v impact driver, 12v drill and new 18v trim router, plus some new tools and consumables from Kapro, Pony Jorgensen and Abracs

Repairing & Restoring Ercol Windsor 608 / 684 ? Dining Chairs

In this video I'll be repairing and restoring a set of mid century modern Ercol Windsor 608 or 684 dining chairs made in 1960 on behalf of a client. This is a furniture repair and restoration video.

The main problems with the chairs were loose glue joints in both the spindles that support the backrest, and in the chair frames that support the seat pad.  In addition to that, the finish on the chairs was badly worn and needed rejuvenating.

Answering Your Questions (Q&A 2020 Part 3)

In this video I'll be answering your questions.  This is part 3 of 3 as there was too much to fit in to one video. 

In this one I answer questions about how I heat my workshop, my new tools, whether I might get a lathe in future, what to do with sawdust, whether the MFT table is useful, my first car, my hobbies, best beginner woodworking project, and best tools for beginning in woodworking and whether I might hire someone to help running my channel in future.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/Cs73ke3clKs
Part 2: https://youtu.be/agkuodMzvQg