Recommended Viewing - YouTube Woodworking & Maker Channels:

From The UK:

Ali Dymock Excellent detailed garden room/workshop build videos

Badger Workshop Woodwork and upcycling using a range of materials 

Crafty Little Maker Woodworking 

Gosforth Handyman Joinery builds and tips videos

Happy Wife Happy Life Woodworking and DIY from a single car garage

JMakes Woodworker, metalworker and artistic film-maker

John Clothier Woodturning projects - pens, bowls, with a decorative/artistic flair

JustGeritDone! New woodworking/DIY channel, destined for great things if his first videos are anything to go by!

Matt Estlea Talented woodworker and furniture maker using a mix of hand tools and machines

Neil McKinlay Furniture builds from Scotland, featuring excellent banter

Paul Sellers Master and teacher of woodworking hand-tools, predominantly with hand-tools and traditional methods

Peter Millard - 10 Minute Workshop A working cabinetmaker and carpenter - excellent build videos and tips videos

Scrap Wood City Build videos using salvaged materials, including many musical instrument builds

SE Woodwork Talented woodworker with a talent for inlays, carving and finesse

Stephen's 8x6 Workshop Amazing projects and entertaining videos from a tiny workshop

Stuff I Made Woodworking, workshop and build videos

Susan Gardener Woodworking, musical instruments and tool projects

ThePoultryPeople Woodworking and metalworking using mainly salvaged materials by Bongo - featuring cats!

Timber Anew Woodworking with hand-tools

WH Creations Woodworking in a small workshop

Woodworking UK The YouTube channel of the Facebook group "Woodworking UK" - all sorts of great content from amateurs to professionals and everything inbetween


From The US & Canada:

Andrew Klein Talented woodworker and inventer

Chris Salomone - Four Eyes Woodwork and design with a mid century vibe

Dashner Design & Restoration Excellent restoration and thrift store makeovers 

Frank Howarth Woodworking with an architectural influence and incredible animation/film-making

Gunflint Designs Woodworking

I Build It - John Heisz Woodworking and workshop projects by John Heisz - his main channel, and one of my favourites

I Build It John Heisz second channel

I Build It Home John Heisz home improvement channel

I Build It Scrap Bin John Heisz "odds and ends" and vlog videos

ijessup (Jessie Uyeda) Makes things for the home with a modern feel

Izzy Swan Woodworking, tips, jigs, and crazy inventions

Jack Houweling Woodworking, jigs and tips

Jay Bates Excellent and long-established woodworking channel - proects, tips, jigs, and great SketchUp tuition videos too

Jeremy Schmidt Woodworker, metalworker and tool maker with a technical approach

Jimmy Diresta Incredible maker - he does it all, and he does it in a style of his own - one of the greats!

I Like To Make Long-established channel by Bob Clagett - maker of everything you can think of, and more!

Jon Peters Art & Home Woodworking, furniture making and art pieces

Make Something Long-established channel by David Piciutto featuring all kinds of projects for the home and more

Matthew Cremona Talented woodworker, featuring build videos and weekly updates

Matthias Wandel Woodworking with an engineering perspective - another long-established channel which has so much to offer

MrDiyDork Upcycling and thrift store makeovers with a simple, low budget approach

Peter Brown - Shop Time Resin work, casting, turning and crazy projects - always interesting and very enjoyable

Pocket83 Hard to describe, but easy to love.  Woodworking, toys, puzzles, objects of interest, mathematics and creative innovations 

Rex Krueger Woodworking, tool making, money saving and vlogs

Rob Cosman Master craftsman - great hand-tool videos, sharpening tips and instructional videos

Ross Taylor Woodworks Excellent furniture restoration, thrifting and salvage videos

Shaun Boyd Woodworking, design and furniture projects

Steve Ramsey - Woodworking For Mere Motrals Long-established channel that makes woodworking projects accessible to everyone, no matter what skill level

The Wood Whisperer Long-established woodworking channel featuring build videos, tip videos and more

Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration An excellent restoration based channel

Tim Sway Perspectives Tim Sway is a maker with a passion for upcycling and making use of reclaimed materials

From Elsewhere:

Alan Vaillancourt - The Woodpecker Woodworking

Andrea's Workshop Woodworking

Get Hands Dirty Maker

Laura Kampf Artistic build videos - including an awesome tiny house build

Marius Hornberger Woodworking, machines and jigs with an engineering approach

Sawblade Projects Woodworking

The Minimalist Maker Woodworking, craft and design with a minimalist feel


Other Recommended Channels:

AvE - Technical tool teardown videos, big personality and very amusing

Andy Mac Drums - Great small business advice