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2023 Earnings (08:56) 2024


A Day In The Life... Episode 2 (11:07) 2023


Visiting Peter Millard at 10 Minute Workshop Extended Cut (25:53) 2022


VIsiting My Old Workshop (5:32) 2021


Mirka Visit Vlog (10:08) 2021


A Day In The Life... (11 minutes) 2021


Bathroom Finished - Total Costs (8 minutes) 2021


Tiling & Boxing In (11 minutes) 2020


Bathroom Glass Block Window installation (8 minutes) 2020


Bathroom Floor (9 minutes) 2020


Bathroom Renovation Intro (10 minutes) 2020


Renovation of our kitchen (13 minutes) 2020


Renovation of our entrance hall (13 minutes) 2019


Tour of our 1930s bungalow shortly after we moved in (26 minutes) 2019


Chat with Andy Mac of Gosforth Handyman (57 minutes) 2018


Chat with Peter Millard of 10 Minute Workshop (1 hour 26 minutes) 2018