Rag 'n' Bone Brown is an online video channel documenting woodworking, restoration, DIY and upcycling projects using mainly salvaged wood and reclaimed materials by Keith Brown, Maker Of Things. Videos range from build projects like furniture builds and restorations, workshop projects, home & garden & pet projects to vlogs, tool reviews and influencer interviews. Based in Norwich in the UK, the channel began in 2015 on YouTube.

Shed Walls and Framing (PART 3 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I start to frame the walls of the shed, install the windows and erect the structure. I used 47mm square tanalised timber.  I also talk through how I designed the shed and how we wanted it to fit in with the surroundings. 

Previous video (Shed Floor): https://youtu.be/K9m-PyU2Y18
Next video (Shed Cladding): https://youtu.be/9YyG93L8eZk

#woodworking #shed #diy

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Choosing My New Table Saw

In this video I talk about deciding which new table saw to buy and why I decided to upgrade from a contractor / portable construction style site saw to a cabinet saw. I previously used the DeWalt DW745 and Milwaukee M18FTS saws but the time was right to invest in a new saw.  This video may be helpful to anyone looking for a new table saw in the UK as it represents a comprehensive list of all of the 8" or 10" cabinet/hybrid saws that are currently available to buy.

Building A Shed Floor & Foundations (PART 2 SHED BUILD PROJECT)

In this video I get started building a new shed - preparing the foundations and then building a floor for it to sit on. 

Previous episode (Demolishing The Old Shed) : https://youtu.be/tjuo9-BOBLg
Next episode (Shed Walls) : https://youtu.be/-W5CslI9vaQ

#shed #building #woodworking

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Demolishing An Old Shed - New Shed Project Part 1

In this video I get started on a new project to demolish and remove an old shed that was left at our house by the previous occupants to make space for building a new one.  The old shed had been built on improper foundations and had developed a lean.  It was also rotten and had woodworm, plus lots of holes, spider webs and even a birds nest!  Some of the methods that we used for demolishing the old shed are not recommended!  Please be safe!  It had to go to create space for a new shed which I'm going to be building from scratch (i.e.

Where To Buy Wood / Timber / Lumber

#lumber #wood #timber

In this video I talk about where I buy wood / timber / lumber.  I prefer to work with salvaged / reclaimed timber as much as possible.  And as I moved out away to a more rural area, materials are more difficult to come by - however there are still places to look - both online via the internet and by using timber merchants, builders merchants, recycling centres and even DIY stores (but only as a last resort!).

My older video - "How To Find Wood For Free (Or Cheap): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLZ-pwHos4Q

My First Bowl (Fail) - Wood Turning Without A Chuck

In this video I make my first (and second) bowl on the lathe as I start to get a bit more experience with wood turning using a face plate as I don't yet have a chuck for the lathe. And I learned loads!  The first bowl wasn't very successful,it all went wrong near the end, but I'm very happy with how the second one turned out.  The wood I think is salvaged mahogany, but I'm not sure.  I had a lot of fun.

My face shield: https://amzn.to/2MKWWGO

My grinding station set up video: https://youtu.be/cJBgWwmFpXA

Chisel Rack - Quick & Simple - FREE PLANS

In this video I make a "universal" chisel holder rack as a very quick and easy scrap wood woodworking project to get my chisels out of a drawer and on to my workshop tool wall.  The rack is designed to hold all sizes of chisels.  Well, it certainly holds all of my chisels anyway - I'm sure there are chisels out there that won't fit, but this will certainly work for most!

Free plans and cut list for this build are available at this link (you don't need to be a patron of the channel to download) :  https://www.patreon.com/posts/38017871

Tool Restoration - I Found A Rusty Old Axe Head!

#woodworking #axe #restoration

In this video I work on a rusty old axe or hatchet head which I found in my garden while digging. 

It packed full of soil, and after clearing that out I could start cleaning up the head.  There was quite a lot pitting which I was unable to remove, but I was able to get most of it clean and shiney with a reflective finish. 

I make a new handle for the hatchet using a piece of salvaged oak in my workshop.

Grinding Station - Sharpening Woodturning Tools, Chisels & Cutting Irons

#woodworking #grinding #woodturning

In this video I set up a grinding and sharpening station for my new woodturning chisels, and I'll also use it for adding clean, hollow grinds to my handplane cutting irons and woodworking chisels.  I used my existing grinder but upgraded the wheel, fitted a new replacement tool rest upgrade, and I also create some jigs that will allow me to set up the grinding tool rest at specific angles, repeatably and accurately.

Sharpening Tools - Chisels and Handplane Cutting Irons

#woodworking #sharpening #chisels

It's been three years since I made a video about sharpening, so this is an update on the equipment and my method of getting my tools (chisels, handplane cutting irons, and knives too occasionally) nice and sharp and ready for work.

All of the equipment that I use is cheap - so this is a good guide for anyone looking to prepare, sharpen and hone their hand tools in an inexpensive way.