Rag 'n' Bone Brown is an online video channel documenting woodworking, restoration, DIY and upcycling projects using mainly salvaged wood and reclaimed materials by Keith Brown, Maker Of Things. Videos range from build projects like furniture builds and restorations, workshop projects, home & garden & pet projects to vlogs, tool reviews and influencer interviews. Based in Norwich in the UK, the channel began in 2015 on YouTube.

Applying A New Veneer - second attempt restoring a mid century coffee table

In this video I work on a project which I previously failed on - repairing and re-veneering a mid century coffee table. This time I apply the veneer with wood glue!

MAKER QUICKFIRE QUESTIONS #6: Peter Brown (Shop Time) Q&A Interview

In this video I ask a seies of Q&A quickfire questions interviewing maker Peter Brown from the YouTube Channel Shop Time.

Making & Installing A Replacement Table Top

In this video I make and install a new table top for an existing table frame. The old table top, which was located in a local office space wasn't wide enough to accommodate laptop users sitting on both sides of the table, so I was commissioned to make a new wider replacement top for it, to be stained and finished to match the table frame.

MAKER QUICKFIRE QUESTIONS #5: Andy MacLellan (Gosforth Handyman) Q&A Interview

In this video I ask a series of Q&A quickfire questions interviewing YouTuber & professional joiner Andy MacLellan.

Making A Cat Radiator Bed

In this video I make a wooden cat radiator bed out of some offcuts of mahogany.

MAKER QUICKFIRE QUESTIONS #4: Tamar Hannah (3x3 Custom) Q&A Interview

In this video I ask a series of Q&A quickfire questions interviewing maker Tamar Hannah from 3x3 Custom YouTube Channel.

Dining Chairs Makeover & Seat Pad Conversion

in this video I work on 2x CC41 utility furniture dining chairs from the 1940s for a makeover, repair and restoration. I convert their webbed upholstery to solid chair seat pads. I also re-upholster them and give the wooden frames a clean up and a re-finish.

MAKER QUICKFIRE QUESTIONS #3: Matthew Smith (Badger Workshop) Q&A Interview

In this video I ask a series of Q&A quickfire questions interviewing Matthew Smith of Badger Workshop

3 Simple Woodworking Projects - Gift Ideas - Including A Desk Tidy Smart Phone Stand & Photo Display

In this video I make 3 small, quick and simple woodworking projects that would make great gifts (except for the door stop wedges ofcourse, no one wants to be given one of them for Christmas!). The first project is a photo or paper display stand made from some salvaged cherry (it might not be cherry!). The second is some oak door wedges. The third is a sapele and oak desk tidy smart phone holder stand that holds a mobile phone and some pens.

22 Workshop Tools & Gadgets (Most Under £30) - Christmas Gift Ideas

In this video I'll talk about 22 of my favourite workshop tools and gadgets for woodworking and making things, most of which cost less than £30.  Some nice Christmas gift ideas for either yourself or the makers in your life!