Timber Storage Rack & Finding Space For All My Wood!

In this video I install a twin slot shelving system and find storage solutions for the rest of my wood (or lumber!) collection.  
The components that I bought are available at the below links
10 pack of 610mm brackets https://amzn.to/32CM9nZ (UK)

Before & After Insulating My Garage - Sound Proofing Results. Plus Insulating The Internal Walls

In this video I compare the sound levels before and after adding insulation to my garage.  I added an insulated ceiling, build a stud wall in front of the roller garage door, and in this video I also frame and insulate the internal walls in an attempt at sound proofing treatment to stop noise coming in from the nearby busy road and limit the sound of my machines for the sake of my neighbours.  Plus it should be more thermally efficient - keeping the warm air inside in the winter months and the cool air inside in the summer months.

Building A Wall & Installing A PVC Door - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 5

In this video I build an insulated stud wall in front of my roller garage door and install a secondhand PVC door.  This wall will do three things: 1) it will limit the amount of sound coming in to the workshop from the nearby busy road and improve things thermally too 2) it will add an extra level of security to the workshop and 3) it will create a space at the front for timber storage accessible via the roller door.  I used CLS timber to create a frame for the wall with studs and noggins and used plasterboard and MDF to clad the wall, plus a splash of

Simple Floating Corner Shelf - No Specialist Hardware Or Fixings

In this video I make a couple of simple and modern DIY corner floating shelves for our new living room.  I used some offcuts of MDF and a piece of pine to make the shelf, and the whole project took a couple of hours to do - nice and quick.  The floating shelf requires no specialist hardware or fixings.

Creating A Loft - Workshop Storage - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 4

In this video I will be installing and boarding out a small loft space above the ceiling that I just put up in my new workshop, and adding a loft hatch.  The loft will be used for storage space for light boxes etc.  PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking to do a similar project I would recommend that you take advice and get a structural survey before doing anything like this.

Installing An Insulated Ceiling - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 3

In this video I install a new insulated ceiling to the underside of the roof joists in my new garage workshop which has a pitched roof. Mainly doing this to block noise from a nearby road but the insulation will help both acoustically and thermally too.   I will later create a loft space for additional storage.

Workshop Layout - Space Planning NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 2

In this video I do some space planning to decide how to layout my new workshop - I cover where to place tools and machines, dust extraction, storage, a new mitre station, and more.
New Workshop Intro Video: 
Dust Commander HD: https://amzn.to/2Ylql2H (UK) 

WHEN THINGS GO WRONG! Making Scaffold Board Dining Table & Bench Seats

In this video I make a rustic dining table and pair of bench seats using reclaimed scaffold boards.  Nice to work with salvaged materials again, but unfortunately this job did not go according to plan.  

A New Workshop Introduction - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 1

In this video I will tell you all about the move, set up and next steps for creating my new work space in the new workshop.
Spray Paint: https://amzn.to/2XAKL7i (UK) 

Making A Jewellery Box - With Compound Mitre Angle Cuts

In this video I make some jewellery boxes using wood from an old reclaimed fireplace surround.  I think the wood might be meranti but I'm not sure.  This project was my first time cutting compound mitre cuts at the mitre saw - something that I've wanted to try for a while and it seemed like the perfect simple woodworking project to try it out on.