Making Some Bedside Drawer Box Shelves

In this video I make some drawer box style wall mounted bedside shelves to match a bedside table / nightstand that I made in a previous video for an Etsy customer.


VLOG 9 - Work In Progress / A New Workshop / Tool Talk (Makita/HiKOKI/Yeskamo)

Vlog number 9 - in this one I talk about what I'm working on including a ladder style shelving unit, drawer box shelves and beech chopping boards, moving in to a new workshop in the near future, and tool talk featuring Makita DSP600 Plunge Saw, HiKOKI M8V2 Plunge Router, Dell XPS 15 laptop and Yeskamo security cameras


Making A Custom Mixing Board Case

In this video I make a mixing board case for an Alice 828 mixing board for my friend Jason at The Crunch Recording Studio in Badersfield, Norfolk. In this one I use some sapele veneered particleboard and make the edge banding from solid sapele and I make a wrist rest using some foam and faux leather.

How To Price Your Work - UK Woodworking

How to price your work as a maker! In this video I talk about my method for pricing woodworking for both woodwork commissions (like bespoke furniture etc) and the items I make for sale on Etsy etc.

Here's how I figure out what to charge!

Mid Century Bookcase Cabinet - Extreme Makeover Before & After Part 2 of 2

In part 2 of converting the teak veneered mid century modern bookcase cabinet, I make and fit a leg assembly for the base of the unit, make and fit the cabinet doors using some euro hinges, remove water stains using oxalic acid, re finish the parts that needed tidying up, and cut the shelves to length - and that's it done!

Mid Century A Bookcase Cabinet - Extreme Makeover Before & After Part 1 of 2

In this video I convert an old teak veneered mid century modern bookcase cabinet that has some structural problems as well as stains and wear and tear in to a slimmer, taller cabinet. I completely disassemble it, add a leg assembly, remove the drawers and convert the bottom section in to a cabinet with doors, and also address some of the worn edges and take care of the water stains with some minor re-finishing works.

Tapered & Angled Legs For A Concrete Table Top

In this video I make some tapered and angled legs for a concrete table top using birch plywood as a commission for my friends at Courage Noble, an independent barbershop in Norwich

I used birch plywood to make the legs and leg mounts and I later fit them to the concrete table tops at the barber shop

Tablesaw Cleaning & Maintenance - DeWalt DW745

In this video I do some cleaning and maintenance to my tablesaw the DeWalt DW745, to keep the blade height adjustment, rack and pinion fence and blade tilt working smoothly and I also clean the teeth on the blade to help it cut cleanly.

Scribe Fitting An Alcove Shelf

In this video I show how to scribe fit an alcove shelf. This is a project for my friends at Courage Noble, a local independent barber shop.

Cheap £30 HVLP Sprayer for paint / finishes by Teccpo - Review

In this video I review the inexpensive Teccpo HVLP paint and finish sprayer. Is buying a cheap sprayer a good idea?