Making A Ring Box

In this video I make a ring box using some mystery wood.  I carved a decorative design in to the lid, and also use some bits from the workshop to make the inside of the box to hold the ring in place inside the box.

The technique that I use to make the box is similar to that used in a bandsaw box design - i.e. it ends up looking like one solid piece of wood with grain continuation running around the box, with the inside of the box hollowed out.


In this video I'm going to make a ring box.

Vlog #11 - I Got A Lathe! Plus New Table Saw, Workshop Changes & Milwaukee Tools

Welcome to Vlog number 11.

Video Timings:
Work In Progress - 0:22
Workshop Changes - 2:46
I Got A Lathe - 6:07
Milwaukee Tools - 8:59
Tool Talk - 11:54

In this one I talk about my work in progress, some workshop changes - wall insulation, new workshop cabinet and timber storage, my new (secondhand) lathe, Milwaukee Tools including table saw, 12v impact driver, 12v drill and new 18v trim router, plus some new tools and consumables from Kapro, Pony Jorgensen and Abracs

Repairing & Restoring Ercol Windsor 608 / 684 ? Dining Chairs

In this video I'll be repairing and restoring a set of mid century modern Ercol Windsor 608 or 684 dining chairs made in 1960 on behalf of a client. This is a furniture repair and restoration video.

The main problems with the chairs were loose glue joints in both the spindles that support the backrest, and in the chair frames that support the seat pad.  In addition to that, the finish on the chairs was badly worn and needed rejuvenating.

Answering Your Questions (Q&A 2020 Part 3)

In this video I'll be answering your questions.  This is part 3 of 3 as there was too much to fit in to one video. 

In this one I answer questions about how I heat my workshop, my new tools, whether I might get a lathe in future, what to do with sawdust, whether the MFT table is useful, my first car, my hobbies, best beginner woodworking project, and best tools for beginning in woodworking and whether I might hire someone to help running my channel in future.

Answering Your Questions (Q&A 2020 Part 2)

In this video I'll be answering your questions.  This is part 2 of 3 as there was too much to fit in to one video. 

In this one I answer questions about my favourite youtube channels, my cat Dylan, collaborating with YouTubers, whether I could see myself incorporating CNC in to my work, my dream furniture project, what my workshop is worth, my favourite impact drivers, YouTube maker advice, my musical history playing in bands for 25 years, skills I'd like to learn in future  plus there's a bonus woodworking project at the end

Answering Your Questions (Q&A 2020 Part 1)

In this video I'll be answering your questions.  This is part 1 of 3 as there was too much to fit in to one video. 

In this one I answer questions about my new table saw, identifying types of wood, my worst tool purchases, my favourite tool, my favourite music, woodworking injuries, my favourite push stick, building a router table, how to find salvaged wood, what kind of screws I use, dealing with paying tax, what tool scares me the most, and more!

Making DIY Custom Birch Plywood & Laminate Kitchen Worktops / Countertops

#worktops #countertops #diy

In this video we are making our own custom handmade DIY laminate kitchen worktops / countertops using birch plywood and a laminate sheet.  I say we, but actually my friend Danny (professional joiner and fitter) did practically all of the work on this project, I basically just held the camera!

The laminate that we chose is by Polyrey and it's called Zeste Coco

The 24mm birch plywood that we used is available at any good timber merchant - but they may need to order it in (usually only takes a few days at the most)

Making A Walnut Trunk Storage Box

In this video I make a storage trunk box for our bedroom. This woodworking project was all about hiding some pipes in a wall, but the box will also provide some storage space for bed sheets etc. and it's a good height for use as a seat.  The main box was made using offcuts of walnut veneered MDF left over from a dartboard cabinet commission that I made for a client a few months back.  The solid wood trim is a mystery wood, but it might be Iroko...?

#woodworking #storage #workshop

Thanks for watching!

Making A Wood Storage Workbench For The Workshop

In this video I make a timber / lumber storage workbench to store all my shorter pieces of wood and offcuts so that they can be organised by length.  The bottom section holds pieces up to around 500mm, the middle section stores lengths up to around 700mm and the top section up to 1500mm.

Plans and cut list for this build are available free to Patreon patrons (link below) or via Etsy for a small fee at:

#woodworking #wood #storage

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Drill Bit Storage / Charging Station / Tape Rack / Paper Towel Holder - Workshop Organisation

In this video I work on four workshop organisation projects.

I make a drill bit storage system, a charging station to hold all my power tool batteries and chargers using a Bisley drawer unit, a tape rack to store my rolls of sticky tape and a paper towel holder.

Free instructions for the drill bit storage:

Please note: the instructions feature some design improvements over the one which I made, so if you follow them it won't be exactly the same as mine, it'll be better!