Making Vinyl Display Stands - Record Storage

In this video I make some vinyl display stands - perfect for flicking through your record collection. These make a great record storage solution. Made from reclaimed oak.

WORKSHOP TOUR 2019 Part 2 - Shed Extension, Dust Extraction & Wood Storage Garage Rag 'n' Bone Brown

In this video I'll show my shed extension, talk about my dust extraction system set up - what works well and what doesn't work so well, and show you my storage lock up where I store all my wood, salvaged materials and items for sale.


Making A Dartboard Cabinet (part 2)

In this video I continue the project to make a dardboard cabinet using some walnut MDF to hold a dartboard, darts and a toe line as a commission for a client.

Making A Dartboard Cabinet

In this video I make a dardboard cabinet using some walnut MDF to hold a dartboard, darts and a toe line as a commission for a client.

How To Remove Stains, Re-finish & Oil Wooden Kitchen Counter Worktops

In this video I will be showing how to do scraping, sanding, and re-finishing on some wooden kitchen worktops / work surfaces / counter tops at a local AirBnB. I need to remove the water stains, heat marks, wear and mould and strip down to the bare wood, and then restore the natural beauty of the wood - which I do by oiling using a hard wax oil finish. This restoration took 6 hours in total, which excludes thie time it took for the finish to dry.

WORKSHOP TOUR 2019 - Rag 'n' Bone Brown UK

Welcome to my first ever Workshop Tour! I'll be leaving this workshop soon, and as I've been working in it for four years now it's time to show you around my workspace. It's a small UK woodworking workshop (4.1m x 2.7m internally) but with some big-ish machines like the DeWalt DW745 table saw, Axminster White Mitre Saw, Charnwood B350 Bandsaw and Elektra Beckum HC260 planer thicknesser and more. A tour of my workshop extension and garage will follow this video.

Restoring A Vintage Oak Cutlery Box

In this video I restore a vintage viners oak cutlery box. There were a few heat marks and water stains to remove from the lid using oxalic acid, I then re-finish with walnut stain to restore the colour and then use my handmade oil wax. The brass hardware needed cleaning up, and I also fit new felt to tidy up the inside. There was also a small repair to the bottom trim for which I use epoxy.

How Strong Are DOWELS vs DOMINOS vs BISCUITS? Strength Test

In this video I test the strength of dowels, dominos and biscuits.  This is a follow up to my "do biscuits add strength to a glue joint?" video  which you can find here:
I got a lot of feedback asking me to test dowels too, and now that I have a Festool Domino it's time to test them all out!  I also test the wood glue on it's own.  
How strong are dowels vs biscuits vs dominos?  Let's find out!
Thanks for watching! 

Making A Cat Bed Cabinet / HiKOKI Limited Tools Challenge

In this video HiKOKI challenge me to make a project with limited tools. To make it a little more interesting I decided not to use my workshop either! I make some cat bed cabinets, but they can also be used as bedside tables / night stands, vinyl cabinets to store records or for book storage. The cabinet has an oak top made from salvaged oak worktop, legs made of salvaged hat and coat stands and a carcass made of 18mm hardwood plywood.

How To Make A Ladder Style Mid Century Shelving Unit

In this video I make a ladder style book shelf design for my brother. The shelves are made of walnut veneerd ply, and the uprights and rails are made from 2 by 2 spruce / pine painted black in a mid century modern style. Plans & cut list for this project are available on my Etsy or free to my patrons on Patreon (see links below)