Can I Build A Log Store In ONE DAY??

In this video I attempt to build a firewood store, in just one day, with limited tools, and using reclaimed timber.

Blocking Up A Window video:
Render & Pebbledash video:

Wood Preserver (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)

My DIY Shed Build - 2 Year Update

In this video I give a 2 year update about my self build, DIY shed which I built in 2020.

This Could Get Interesting...!! Gate Hanging

In this video I'm installing the 3x large driveway gates that I made for my auntie in a previous video : Making The Gates

Three Big Gates, Using Salvaged Wood!

In this video I make three large driveway garden gates using reclaimed wood.

Upgrading My Dust Extraction System

In this video I upgrade my workshop dust collection system.

Pop Up Bench Dogs Are GREAT!

In this video I make what I believe are the ultimate workbench / bench dogs! I love these so much!

Pop up mechanism: (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)

Extended Vice Jaws: A Good Idea?

In this video I experiment with extending my woodworking vice jaws using birch ply and also a way of securing a metal working vice to the workbench.

My Workbench Gets Upgraded!

In this video I start upgrading my main workbench and I say goodbye to the MFT top which I'd like to say served me well, but it really didn't!

10 Workshop Maintenance Tips

Render & Pebbledash In A Window Opening

In this video I will render and pebbledash the old window opening to try and blend it in with the rest of the wall as best I can.

Plasticiser (Amazon)

Integral Waterproofer (Amazon)

I also used plastering sand (but it was awful!!!), cement and 10mm gravel and exterior masonry paint.