Creating A Loft - Workshop Storage - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 4

In this video I will be installing and boarding out a small loft space above the ceiling that I just put up in my new workshop, and adding a loft hatch.  The loft will be used for storage space for light boxes etc.  PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking to do a similar project I would recommend that you take advice and get a structural survey before doing anything like this.

Installing An Insulated Ceiling - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 3

In this video I install a new insulated ceiling to the underside of the roof joists in my new garage workshop which has a pitched roof. Mainly doing this to block noise from a nearby road but the insulation will help both acoustically and thermally too.   I will later create a loft space for additional storage.

Workshop Layout - Space Planning NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 2

In this video I do some space planning to decide how to layout my new workshop - I cover where to place tools and machines, dust extraction, storage, a new mitre station, and more.
New Workshop Intro Video: 
Dust Commander HD: (UK) 

WHEN THINGS GO WRONG! Making Scaffold Board Dining Table & Bench Seats

In this video I make a rustic dining table and pair of bench seats using reclaimed scaffold boards.  Nice to work with salvaged materials again, but unfortunately this job did not go according to plan.  

A New Workshop Introduction - NEW WORKSHOP EPISODE 1

In this video I will tell you all about the move, set up and next steps for creating my new work space in the new workshop.
Spray Paint: (UK) 

Making A Jewellery Box - With Compound Mitre Angle Cuts

In this video I make some jewellery boxes using wood from an old reclaimed fireplace surround.  I think the wood might be meranti but I'm not sure.  This project was my first time cutting compound mitre cuts at the mitre saw - something that I've wanted to try for a while and it seemed like the perfect simple woodworking project to try it out on.  


Making Vinyl Display Stands - Record Storage

In this video I make some vinyl display stands - perfect for flicking through your record collection. These make a great record storage solution. Made from reclaimed oak.

WORKSHOP TOUR 2019 Part 2 - Shed Extension, Dust Extraction & Wood Storage Garage Rag 'n' Bone Brown

In this video I'll show my shed extension, talk about my dust extraction system set up - what works well and what doesn't work so well, and show you my storage lock up where I store all my wood, salvaged materials and items for sale.


Making A Dartboard Cabinet (part 2)

In this video I continue the project to make a dardboard cabinet using some walnut MDF to hold a dartboard, darts and a toe line as a commission for a client.

Making A Dartboard Cabinet

In this video I make a dardboard cabinet using some walnut MDF to hold a dartboard, darts and a toe line as a commission for a client.