There are many excellent woodwork channels on YouTube and I subscribe and watch hundreds of them.  Below is a list of my very favourites.  Check them out!

Jimmy makes the coolest things!  Not just confined to woodwork, but also metalwork and beyond.  
His projects are artistic and innovative.  Check out the rat stool if you don't believe me.  He also has some excellent hints and tips videos featuring his beautiful cat Spike.
He also produces videos for the excellent Make channel on YouTube.  He's not just confined to YouTube either - featuring as a co-host in the Discovery Channel's Dirty Money and the DIY Network's Against The Grain.
Not only are his projects cool, but his videos are too.  As is his name!  
John has three channels, all of which are excellent. Aside from his main channel (John Heisz), he has I Build It where videos tend to be more informal and I Built It Home which focuses on the renovation of his home.
His channels feature some great hints and tips.
Also I HIGHLY recommend the video where he cooks some pancakes in his workshop!
Jon’s furniture designs are beautiful and he does some really impressive work with veneers.  He is also a talented painter and artist.
He has a great eye for detail, and his videos are really well put together.  
He was really supportive of my videos when I was starting out on YouTube, which I really appreciated.
Paul is a very talented traditional woodworker – his skills are well honed and his level of experience is excellent.
His videos are in more of an instructional format, and I’ve learned an awful lot from watching him.  His videos are quite long (sometimes around 1 hour), and yet I never seem to get bored!
He often inspires me to think about picking up a hand tool instead of a power tool.
Matthias’ projects are always fascinating, often very clever and also witty. 
Matthias is an engineer, so his projects can often get quite technical, and while the level of intelligence on display can be daunting, the videos are always a pleasure to watch.
His videos for building a shed inspired me to build my own workshop!
Matthias is notorious in the YouTube woodworking community for making things with his pantorouter (a machine that he invented himself), for his disapproval of pocket hole joinery, and for his "jump tests" - i.e. trying to break something he has just built.  Fantastic stuff.
Frank’s videos are very impressive – not only is he a fantastic woodworker but he also does some incredible animation sequences in his video.  He clearly puts an awful lot of time and effort in to his channel.
This is probably the channel that inspired me the most to make my own videos.
He also has a really soothing voice which makes his videos a real pleasure to watch!
Tim basically does exactly what I do - trash to treasure projects, but he also works with metal as well as wood.  He has some fantastic instrument builds and has a really innovative approach to making things which is great fun to watch, and he has some great tips to share with his viewers too.
A talented woodworker and designer who has made some lovely mid-century modern style furniture
Another talented designer/woodworker - he has made some beautiful and very cleverly designed pieces of furniture and even though his channel is in it's infancy he already has a long list of subscribers. , His videos are very well shot and nicely put together and
Jay’s videos are really impressive and have developed really well over the years.  He’s an excellent woodworker and has many more skills, some of which can be seen on Home & Garden For Mere Mortals LINK
He has a great eye for design too and his videos are often witty. 
Jay has been really supportive of my work – he featured one of my videos in his blog which was great exposure for me which I am very grateful.
Geoff is a UK woodworker.  He makes really well-made videos covering his furniture builds and workshop projects and he also has some great tips, 
Steve's specialises in making woodwork accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or skills.  
He makes really entertaining videos and it's no surprise that he's approaching half a million subscribers!
Steve's channel is one of the most fun woodwork channels - projects range from skateboards and guitars made from 2x4s, wooden sunglasses, a wooden footlong sub sandwich and more!
He also comes across as being pretty much the friendliest and nicest person you might ever meet.  He's always smiling!