Chris Sullivan's DeWalt DW745 tablesaw stand

Chris' DeWalt DW745 stand.

Chris writes "I have followed you on YouTube for some time now and really like your work.  I admire how you focus on building something new from older and used materials.  Last year I got myself the same DeWalt portable table saw you have and quickly realized in needed a proper mobile and safe cart or stand for it.  I don't have proper workshop.  I have to roll or carry everything out from my shed when I want to do some wood working.  I saw what you had made for your saw and realized I needed to build the very same thing.  This past weekend I buil my version of the rag 'n bone table saw cart.  I have attached a photo for you and for your website.  I must confess I used 75% new material (plywood) and 25% scrap wood.  Like you, I did make it a little taller than my mobile work bench (not in photo) which serves as an outfeed table"

A great build, and looks fantastic!