Making A Plywood End Grain Table Top From Offcuts - Part 1 of 2

I had lots of offcuts of various pieces plywood cluttering up the workshop, and rather than throw them away I decided to make a table top from them, using the laminated layers of wood as a feature.  

I first checked each piece had a straight edge by holding it up against my tablesaw fence, and then ripped all of the pieces in to 30mm wide strips.  

Some of the plywood pieces had some white paint on them, so I sanded the paint off on the belt sander.  

Then I could glue up all the strips in to a piece that was roughly 600mm square.  

I then flattened the tabletop surface using a handplane, and then the belt sander.  

I filled any voids in the plywood with epoxy and sawdust.  

Then I made a mitred oak trim for the table top, which I needed to clean up by re-routing it and sanding.  

I finished the tabletop with Superior Danish Oil, and I had to apply quite a lot of it as the end grain soaked it up really quickly.  Finally I applied some Rustic Pine Briwax and buffed it to a nice sheen.  I was really pleased with how it turned out, I think it looks really interesting.  

I'll make a second part to this video where I will build a table frame to fit to this table top.