Making A Rustic Pallet Wood Wine Rack

For this video I wanted to test out the Evolution Rage 3 mitre saw that Evolution Tools recently sent to me to try out.  

I had some spare pieces of pallet wood in my workshop, which came from lots of different pallets so I had varing lengths and thicknesses.  I used some 22mm thick pieces to make the frame for the rack, and used the mitresaw to cut all the pieces to size and also to cut the dado housing joints which hold the frame together.  

I cut the holes for the bottles and wine glasses with the jigsaw and then assembled the frame with wood glue and clamps.  Then I cut some thinner 15mm thick pieces of pallet wood to use to clad the back of the rack.  

The whole thing was then stained using Rustic Pine Briwax.  

Then I installed it on my kitchen wall with a couple of screws.  Unfortunately we only had one bottle of wine in thouse house to put in the rack.  Wine never lasts long in my house!