Workshop Tricks & Tips

In this video I cover some workshop tips and tricks including clamps and clamping, sharpening the easy way, glue tips, water in the workshop and preventing rust.
Stanley Folding Marking Knife: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
How to make a leather strop video:
Leather strops for sale - Plywood: MDF:
What to do with oily rags:
Paul Sellers Rag & Can Oiler video:
Green polishing compound: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Glue spreaders: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Silicone kitchen spatula: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Honing Guide: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Taidea 360/600 Diamond Plates: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
King 1000/6000 Whetstone: (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)