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WORKSHOP TOUR 2019 - Rag 'n' Bone Brown UK

Welcome to my first ever Workshop Tour! I'll be leaving this workshop soon, and as I've been working in it for four years now it's time to show you around my workspace. It's a small UK woodworking workshop (4.1m x 2.7m internally) but with some big-ish machines like the DeWalt DW745 table saw, Axminster White Mitre Saw, Charnwood B350 Bandsaw and Elektra Beckum HC260 planer thicknesser and more. A tour of my workshop extension and garage will follow this video. #workshop #workshoptour #woodworking

Silverline stackable boxes: (UK) (US)

Video links mentioned in this video (in order that they appear):

Tool Wall:

Workbench part 1:

Workbench part 2:

Vise restoration:

Workbench dogs:

YouTube Play Button:

Stanley No 4 Hand Plane Restoration:

Restoring Spokeshaves:

Leather Strop:

Perspex Sharpening Station:

Matt Estlea Protrusion Stop:

How To Get Wood For Free (Or Cheap!)

Snooker Cues:

Sheet Material Storage:

Cat Bed:

Cat Bunk Bed:

My HiKOKI tools:

Teccpo Paint Sprayer:

Hitachi Nailer:

My Makita tools:

Sanding Cabinet:

Mirka Deros: 22

Workshop Tools & Gadgets:

Workshop Tips:

Mitre Saw Station (part 1)

Mitre Saw Station (part 2)

Mitre Saw Station (part 3)

Vlog 5 (Air Quality Monitor starts at 10:45)

Thor Filtration TF470 Review

Orazio Katsu Low Noise Air Compressor

Making A Beam Compass

Charnwood B350 (Unboxing etc)

My Large Machines (Charnwood B350 review)

Favourite Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes - A Quick Guide

My Large Machines (DeWalt DW745 review)

DeWalt DW745 Mobile Stand part 1

DeWalt DW745 Mobile Stand part 2

Vlog 9 (A New Workshop)

Dust Extraction