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Vlog 3 - Work In Progress / Tool Talk (NEW TOOLS Hitachi / Bosch / Mirka) / Giveaway (ToolFreak)

Sections of the video: 
Work In Progress 0:24
Tool Talk 2:17
Giveaway 10:09
Tools mentioned in Tool Talk:
Hitachi CV18DBL Oscillating Multitool (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Hitachi WH18DBFL2 Impact Driver
Hitachi CJ18DSL Jigsaw (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Hitachi G18DBAL Angle Grinder (Amazon UK) 
Hitachi P18DSL Planer (Amazon UK) 
Hitachi DV18DBXL Combi Drill (Amazon UK) 
Hitachi NT1850DBSL 18g Nailer (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Hitachi R1890DBCL Framing Nailer (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Hitachi C18DBAL Circular Saw (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Bosch GEX 150 Turbo (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Mirka Deros 5650 (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
ToolFreak Safety Glasses (Amazon UK) (Amazon US) ToolFreak website: