Rubber Mat Flooring For The Garage Workshop

In this video I install rubber mats to the floor of my garage workshop.  The main reason I chose to do this was to ease the fatigue and aches and pains in my feet, legs and ankles from standing on a concrete floor all day. But it will also help to prevent damage to tools if they drop on the floor, plus it helps insulate the floor and creates better acoustics in the room.  It also hides the old, ugly concrete floor. I used two glue / adhesives in the video, one of which worked well and one of which failed miserably due to temperature issues! The rubber matting I chose is relatively inexpensive, and I explain in the video where I got it, why I chose it, the good and bad things about it as well as the total costs of the project.

This is the rubber matting that I got, ribbed, 3mm thick, available in various lengths: (UK)

Here's a "checker" design as an alternative to the ribbed, same supplier: (UK)

There is also a "penny" design as an alternative to the ribbed, same supplier: (UK)

Spray adhesive: the stuff by Everbuild is what I used initially (before I went to ScrewFix to get the No Nonsense stuff which is exactly the same product as far as I can tell) : (UK)

Adhesive Trowel (A2): (UK)

Here's the video I watched and refer to :

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