The New Mitre Station (part 1 of 3) - Workshop Re-Model Episode 4

In this video I start making a new mitre station for my workshop to create space in the corner for a wood storage bin, and also to make it a little slimmer so there would be more walkway space.  
I dismantled my old mitre station and re-used most of the material for the new one.  
I started by screwing a horizontal support piece to the uprights of the workshop walls.  
Then I built the frame for the storage shelves (where I will store power tools and short scraps of wood) and worktop (where my belt/disc sander will be).
I added a trim to the plywood edges using some salvaged poplar.
Next I started to build the unit that the mitre saw would sit on.  I had some white 1 inch thick melamine which I cut to size for the top and some salvaged plywood as a side panel.
I used a straight edge and some sheets of paper as a "feeler guage" to make sure that the mitresaw table and the worktop were perfectly level with one another until it was as accurate as I could get it.