Mobile Tablesaw Stand for DeWalt DW745 (part 2 of 2) - Workshop Re-Model Episode 3

In this video I make a back panel for the stand out of some low grade packaging plywood.  I did this mainly to stop some of the dust getting in to the bottom section where the shop vac and jigs will be stored, but it will also add rigidity to the stand.

Next I fitted the shop vac hose, using a hole saw drill bit.

I cut some pieces of poplar in to 10mm strips, cut them to length and glued and nailed them to the front edges of the stand mainly to hide the plywood edges for aesthetics.

I went and bought some epoxy coated drawer runners so that I could fit a couple of drawers to the front section.  Unfortunately they didn't come with any instructions so I measured the thickness of them with digital calipers, and then used that to calculate what size I would need to make the drawers.

The drawers were a very simple construction - 18mm plywood (thicker than needed, but it's what I had to hand and I wanted to use up the offcuts) glued and screwed butt joints, and a plywood panel glued and screwed to the bottom.

The drawer fitting went smoothly apart from that there wasn't quite enough clearance between the two drawers, but I used the tablesaw to cut a few mm off the top of one of the drawers and then re-fitted - problem solved.  

Next I could add the drawer fronts, for which I used some oak veneeered plywood offcuts.  I positioned them where I wanted them using hot glue, and then I could screw them on from inside for extra strength.  I used a steel ruler to space the drawers apart.

I made some drawer handles for the drawers using some offcuts of mahogany ripped at an angle on the tablesaw to create somewhere for fingers to grip.  I glued and clamped these to the drawer fronts.

I added some boiled linseed oil to finish the drawer fronts, and they looked pretty nice.