Making A Parquet Coffee Table Using Salvaged Oak (part 2 of 2)

In this video I make a frame for the parquet coffee table top that I made in a previous video using some reclaimed oak hat and coat stands that I salvaged from a local office clearance.  

I first cut the stretchers for the frame to about 12mm thick on the tablesaw.    

Then I cut the legs to length on the mitre saw, and ripped the faces off on the tablesaw to get rid of the routed edges.  

I used a tapering jig to cut a slight taper on the legs using the tablesaw.  

To create mortise joints in the legs to accommodate the stretchers, I made a simple template from some scrap plywood on the bandsaw, and I used this, clamped to the legs, to route out the mortise with a template bit.  

Then I assembled the frame, sanded, and finished with boiled linseed oil and Rustic Pine Briwax.  

I cut some of the left over parquet pieces from the table top build in to cleats, which I used to attach the table top to the frame.