Making A Parquet Coffee Table Using Salvaged Oak (part 1 of 2)

I wanted to find a use for lots of short pieces of oak.  These were the feet of some salvaged oak hat and coat stands that I reclaimed from a local office clearance.  

I cut the tapered angle off these pieces on the bandsaw, and then cut the remaining pieces in half which gave me lots of material to use in a parquet design for the table top.  

I planed them all to a consistent size on the thickness planer.  

Then I glued them to a scrap piece of chipboard using woodglue.  

It was important to keep the parquet design as close to a 45 degree angle as possible so that the design would be even and correct, and the speed square helped to keep everything aligned.  

I used a handplane and belt sander to get the tabletop levelled and cleaned up.  Then I cut some more pieces of oak on the tablesaw and mitred the corners to create a trim for the tabletop which I glued and brad nailed to the sides.  

I applied Superior Danish Oil to the oak tabletop (not the chipboard) and finally added a Rustic Pine Briwax to add definition to the grain and to make it match my other furniture more closely.