Hifi And Vinyl Unit Commission

In this video I make a commission hifi and vinyl unit from some plywood.

I started by designing what the client wanted in SketchUp.

I ripped the pieces of ply in to more manageable pieces using my circular saw and a straight edge, and then I could make the finer more accurate cuts on the tablesaw.

I cut mitre joints at each corner of the unit on the tablesaw using my panel cutting sled.

I also cut housing joints for the shelves.

I also used the biscuit jointer to install the front panel, just to get it perfectly aligned.

Dowels were added through the side panels to help support and strengthen the shelves and top and bottom panel - I simply drilled holes for them and glued them in place, cutting off the excess with a flush trim saw and sanding.  The dowels would be visible but I like how they look.

After sanding all the panels, I then routed out a rebate joint around the back of the unit to accommodate a back panel which was a 5mm hardwood plywood.

For finish I used boiled linseed oil followed by a walnut stain Briwax at the customer's request.