Gift Guide For Woodworkers, Makers & Workshop Dwellers

In this video I'll be suggesting some gift ideas for the woodworkers, makers and workshop dwellers. Christmas is coming!

Smart Phone Strong Arm / Gooseneck Holder: (UK) or (UK) (US) or (US)
Thumb Wrench Driver Set: (UK) (US)
Milwaukee MultiBit Ratchet Screwdriver: (UK) (US)
Wireless Remote Switch: (UK) (US)
KB Oil Wax Original:
KB Oil Wax Food Safe:
KB Oil Wax Double Pack:
My Etsy Store:
Plywood/Sheet Materials Carrier: (UK) (US)
Cen-Tec Vacuum Adapters: 4 Piece adapters: (UK) 2 Piece adapters: (UK) 5 Piece adapters inc. hose: (UK) 5 piece adapters: (US) 5 Piece adapters inc. hose: (US)
Strawbyte Workshop - Track Saw Waste Side Jig, Depth Stop Indicator and Dust Cover & More:
Strawbyte Workshop on YouTube:
Casio F91-w Digital Watch: (UK) (US)
Bahco Card Scraper: (UK) (US)
Bahco Carbide Scraper 625 (Interchangeable Blade Version): (UK) (US)
Bahco Carbide Scraper 625 Blade Replacements: (UK) (US)
Bahco Carbide Scraper 665 Large: (UK) (US)
Trapper/Deerstalker Hat: (UK) (US)
Milwaukee Heated Hoodie: (UK) (US)
Milwaukee Heated Hoodie Incl. Battery: (UK) (US)
Spring Clamps 2": (UK) (US) 4": (UK) (US) (US) 6": (UK)
Pony Jorgensen Spring Clamps 1": (UK) (US) 3": (UK) (US) 24": (UK) (US) 24" 2 Pack: (US) 36": (UK) (US) 48": (US) 60": (UK) 72": (US)
F Clamps Red 12x: (UK)
F Clamps Blue 12x: (UK)
Thor Mallet: (UK) (US)
Hard Wax Sticks 40x 4cm : (UK) 20x 4cm: (UK)
Milwaukee InkZall Markers Fine Tip: 4 pack: (UK) 10 pack: (UK) (US) 36 pack: (UK) (US)
Anti Vibration Gloves: (UK) (US)

This video is supported by Milwaukee, check out their full range here:
Featured in this video:
Milwaukee Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver:
Milwaukee Heated Hoodie:
Inkzall Marker Pens:

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