Building A Wall In Our Bungalow

In this video I'll be building a stud partition wall in our home, a  1930s bungalow.

We needed to create an office space for Ria (my fiance) / guest bedroom so we chose to divide up a large space in the house that was used by the previous occupants as a living room.

I'll show you how to build a wall (or at least, how I build one!) and some tricks along the way.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Why I'm Building A Wall
1:45 Floor Repairs
4:01 Building The Wall

Stud finder (4 in 1) device (UK)
Charlie White's DIY channel Charlie Diyte:
Charlie White's fixing to RSJ using normal screws:

This video is supported by Milwaukee, check out their full range here:
Milwaukee tools used in this video:
Inkzall Marker
Framing Nailer
Circular Saw
Jawzilla (coming soon)
12v Drill
12v Impact Driver;-hex-impact-driver/m12-fid/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=Rag%20N%20Bone%20Brown%20-12v%20fid
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