Answering Your Questions (Q&A 2020 Part 2)

In this video I'll be answering your questions.  This is part 2 of 3 as there was too much to fit in to one video. 

In this one I answer questions about my favourite youtube channels, my cat Dylan, collaborating with YouTubers, whether I could see myself incorporating CNC in to my work, my dream furniture project, what my workshop is worth, my favourite impact drivers, YouTube maker advice, my musical history playing in bands for 25 years, skills I'd like to learn in future  plus there's a bonus woodworking project at the end

Part 1:
Part 3:

My John Heisz Collaboration:
My Parker Knoll Armchair restoration and reupholstery video:

Favourite YouTuber Woodworking channels at the moment:
Thomas Johnson Antique Restoration:
Gid Joiner:
Alistair Dymock:
The Restoration Couple:

Favourite non-woodworking channels at the moment:
Atomic Shrimp:
Simon Bloke In The Woods:
Foresty Forest:

Camera Conspiracies:
Vegetable Police:

Leader Of Our Boat:
Bald & Bankrupt:
Simon Wilson:
Times With James:

Nic & Andrea Hills:
George Ross Retro Reselling:
Craigslist Hunter:

Other woodworker's on YouTube mentioned in the video:
Sean Evelegh:
Karl Pope Woodcraft:
Grumpys Workshop:
Sumo's Projects:

Music stuff / some bands I play in / played for :
My Visor on YouTube:
My Visor on bandcamp:
Cineclub on bandcamp:

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