Patio & Pergola Build - Fast Version

This video shows the complete patio and pergola build from scratch - from start to finish.

I Made A Cabinet With Sliding Doors

In this video I make a cabinet to store some stationery and my printer and show how to make sliding doors, bridle joint leg frames and more using birch plywood and salvaged hardwood.

A New Use For The Domino?

Thumb Wrench Set:

Making The Most Of Your Off Cuts

Plywood is expensive! Especially at the moment... So in this video I show how I found uses for my plywood off cuts

Upgrading My Workshop Floor // The Ultimate Garage Flooring

In this video I upgrade my workshop floor to what I believe is the ultimate garage flooring product.

A couple of years ago, I laid rubber matting on the floor to help with aches, pains and fatigue in my feet and legs caused by standing up all day on the hard concrete floor. It was an improvement, but the old adage of "buy cheap, buy twice" is pretty true in this instance.

Guitar Bridge Repair

In this video I show how to repair a lifting or loose guitar bridge. The bridge can pop off over time due to it being under tension from the guitar strings.

Titebond 1 Glue:
8" Long Reach G Clamp

Hanging An External Door

In this video I fit a handmade exterior door which I made in a previous project video to replace a rotten door on my mum and dad's workshop / garage.

Making The Door Video:

Mortise & Tenon DIY External Door

In this video I make a DIY mortise & tenon exterior door to replace a rotten garage door for my mum and dad using stuff I have kicking around the workshop already.

DIY £15 Acoustic Panels - Sound Test

I made acoustic sound panels for my office room to reduce the echo / reverb in the room where I narrate my videos and record audio podcasts. They work incredibly well!!! And I show how you can make your own for less than £15 per panel.

Blades - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This video is all about circular saw blades for table saws, plunge saws, mitre saws and circular saws and I'll talk about which blades are my recommended personal favourites, and which ones are not. Also what to look out for when buying a blade, and the differences between rip, combination and cross cut blades.