Rag 'n' Bone Brown is an online video channel documenting woodworking, restoration, DIY and upcycling projects using mainly salvaged wood and reclaimed materials by Keith Brown, Maker Of Things. Videos range from build projects like furniture builds and restorations, workshop projects, home & garden & pet projects to vlogs, tool reviews and influencer interviews. Based in Norwich in the UK, the channel began in 2015 on YouTube.

I Take Wood From People's Bins

I went out for a JUNK HUNT around the city of Norwich and found loads of materials and then used them to make a woodworking project! I like using waste materials in my project so searching the alleyways, communal bin areas and skip diving or dumpster diving is a great way to find things!

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WARNING: You Might Get Shed Envy

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In this video I'm sharing some shed storage ideas and tips, making and hanging a gate, and tidying my building materials yard - so lots of work to do at the top of the garden! It's good to get things organised!

Why I'll NEVER Hire Another Tradesperson - Channel Drainage

I needed to install some channel drains in our front garden which I will be running to a new soakaway to hopefully resolve the issues we have with pooling water during heavy rainfall. And while I'm at it, I'm also going to be laying some fresh concrete on our driveway to replace the failing and crumbling concrete that was laid by a professional a few years ago with the help of some family members.

2 Day Project MARATHON // DIY

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DIY Under Stairs Storage Space

I was asked to create some storage space out of a hidden area underneath the staircase in brother's hallway for things like shoes, coats and bags. This involved some cutting and demolition work, tiling, plasterboarding, woodworking and carpentry!

My pop up bench dogs video: https://youtu.be/szTZ408AGko?si=tBxNMMeYVUJxQ-0H
My insulated plasterboard video: https://youtu.be/JyFMQuSUV2U?si=Z2UaJbcPPHksRIfc

Crafting with Character: Salvaged Pine Media Unit

Can I turn a pile of rustic reclaimed pine into a sleek media shelving unit with a modern twist for my sister-in-law?

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Do Wood Treatments Really Work? UNEXPECTED RESULTS

3 years ago I set up an experiment to find out if wood treatments actually work to protect timber from rot, decay and wood boring insects. I wanted to test pressure treated / tanalised wood and also self treated wood with a wood preserver product. The results from these tests really surprised me!

My £10 per metre FRUGAL FENCE using rebar

I needed a cheap fence solution around our garden to prevent toddlers getting too close to the edge of a wall. This fence was put together using 12mm rebar and roof battens, and I'll show you how I made them and also cover the total cost breakdown in the video.

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6 WAYS To Make An MDF Cabinet LESS BORING!!

In this video I build an MDF cabinet to store firewood - but I don't want it to look like flat packed furniture! So here are six ways to make MDF cabinets less boring!


Sick and tired of plastic things being brittle and breaking? Yeah, me too. So let's upgrade the bandsaw with a metal insert plate which will last for many many years!