Should A DIYer Fit Windows?

Our hardwood windows were falling to bits, so in this video we need to install some replacement windows but we're on a tight budget (as always!). But should a DIYer attempt window fitting? There are many things to consider, as I'll cover in this video!

Tools and Materials Used In This Video:
Glazing Packers: (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)
Builders Silicone: (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)
Suction cups: (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)
Window fitting tool set: (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)
Expanding Foam (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)
Concrete Screws (Amazon UK) (Amazon Worldwide)

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The Aiden Project on YouTube:

0:00 Intro
0:28 How to measure for windows
2:00 Removing old windows
3:14 Attaching window sills
4:03 Does it fit??
5:11 Installation
6:19 Glazing a window frame
6:35 Why toe & heel a window?
7:21 Installing the glass
8:55 Glazing beads
9:36 Cutting away the render
9:57 Bought some glazing tools
10:42 Rotten sill and render damage
11:04 No lintel?
11:24 Does the second window fit?
11:37 Toe and heeling close up!
11:55 Sealing with expanding foam
12:33 Render & brick repairs
13:38 Making some uPVC trim
14:27 Painting
14:42 Sealing with silicone
14:58 Inside finishing
15:16 Should a DIYer fit windows? Regulations!
16:14 How to order windows
16:50 Pricing