Polycarbonate Roof Installation

In this video I install a polycarbonate roof to the pergola that I made in a previous video - Link here : https://youtu.be/Koy0Nj3pWhc

Amazon product links:
Flashing tape: https://geni.us/9oJtjnS if applying to unpainted brick or concrete, I'd recommend using a primer before applying flashing tape to get good adhesion: 1L https://geni.us/7Bz0 5L https://geni.us/DAOB
Breather tape: https://geni.us/PwBN
Polycarbonate compatible silicone: https://geni.us/xci25m

The other components I used in the video:
10mm twin wall polycarbonate sheets
Rafter supported glazing bars
Aluminium F section
End sheet enclosure

0:00 Intro
0:12 Polycarbonate Sheets
0:42 Aluminium F section installation
2:37 Foil seal tape
2:59 Cutting polycarbonate sheets
3:21 Breathable seal tape
3:36 Installing polycarbonate sheets
3:52 Glazing bars / expansion gap
4:43 Sheet end closure
5:43 Opal finish polycarbonate
5:53 Glazing bar and polycarbonate installation
6:53 Rafter spacings
8:02 Glazing bar end caps
8:27 Flashing tape
9:11 Mistake
9:45 Are screw caps needed?
10:32 Guttering?
11:15 What about snow?
11:38 Total costs