LUMBERJACK TS1800 TABLE SAW: Everything You Need To Know

In this video I review the LumberJack TS1800 Table Saw in great detail - and also compare it with my Axminster AT254SB along the way.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Why I Got It
2:40 About The Saw
3:08 Internal Components
4:10 Cast Iron Tables
4:36 Riving Knife
4:49 Arbour & Blades
6:01 Blade Height/Angle
6:27 Fence Rails
6:46 Extension Tables
7:16 Accuracy
7:46 The Fence
9:00 Cut Capacity
10:57 Mitre Gauge
12:20 Storage
12:40 Table Flatness
13:51 Blade Guard
14:39 Blade Tilt
15:21 Mobile Base
15:32 Manual
15:41 Thoughts So Far...
16:44 Electrical Fault
18:06 Solving Electrical Issue
18:18 Cutting MDF
18:26 Dust Extraction
18:36 Cutting Elm
18:51 Testing Cut Speed
19:16 Noise Levels
19:33 Summary

Special thanks to @shaunintheshed , @ProperDIY and @lumberjacktoolsuk

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