How To Sharpen & Set Planer / Thicknesser Blades ( HC260 / PT260 )

In this video I show how to sharpen planer (jointer) thicknesser blades and then show an easy method for setting the knives to the correct height. My machine is the Elektra Beckum HC260 which is practically the same machine as the Metabo HC260 and the Record Power PT260

My Grinding Station Video
HC260 / PT260 Planer Knives (Resharpenable) (Amazon)
HC260 / PT260 Planer Knives (Disposable) (Amazon)
Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser (Amazon)
Grinder Tool Rest (Amazon)
Grinder Tool Rest (Amazon)
Grinder Tool Rest (Amazon)
Clarke Grinder/Sander (Amazon)
Silverline Grinder/Sander (Amazon)
I got my abrasive wheel from :

0:00 About My Machine
0:29 Types of Planer Knives
2:16 How To Sharpen Planer Blades
5:51 Setting The Planer Blades Height
7:10 Testing The Sharpened Blades