Rag 'n' Bone Brown is an online video channel documenting woodworking, restoration, DIY and upcycling projects using mainly salvaged wood and reclaimed materials by Keith Brown, Maker Of Things. Videos range from build projects like furniture builds and restorations, workshop projects, home & garden & pet projects to vlogs, tool reviews and influencer interviews. Based in Norwich in the UK, the channel began in 2015 on YouTube.

Making A Walnut Trunk Storage Box

In this video I make a storage trunk box for our bedroom. This woodworking project was all about hiding some pipes in a wall, but the box will also provide some storage space for bed sheets etc. and it's a good height for use as a seat.  The main box was made using offcuts of walnut veneered MDF left over from a dartboard cabinet commission that I made for a client a few months back.  The solid wood trim is a mystery wood, but it might be Iroko...?

#woodworking #storage #workshop

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Making A Wood Storage Workbench For The Workshop

In this video I make a timber / lumber storage workbench to store all my shorter pieces of wood and offcuts so that they can be organised by length.  The bottom section holds pieces up to around 500mm, the middle section stores lengths up to around 700mm and the top section up to 1500mm.

Plans and cut list for this build are available free to Patreon patrons (link below) or via Etsy for a small fee at: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KeithBrownMaker

#woodworking #wood #storage

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Drill Bit Storage / Charging Station / Tape Rack / Paper Towel Holder - Workshop Organisation

In this video I work on four workshop organisation projects.

I make a drill bit storage system, a charging station to hold all my power tool batteries and chargers using a Bisley drawer unit, a tape rack to store my rolls of sticky tape and a paper towel holder.

Free instructions for the drill bit storage: https://www.patreon.com/posts/34214169

Please note: the instructions feature some design improvements over the one which I made, so if you follow them it won't be exactly the same as mine, it'll be better!

My 5x Favourite Tablesaw Modifications, Upgrades & Accessories - demonstrated on the DeWalt DW745

In this video I talk about my five favourite table saw modifications, safety upgrades and accessories.

Including a flappy paddle safety switch which allows me to turn off the saw with my knee, a low profile riving knife to allow cutting through cuts / housing grooves / dado joints / rebates / rabbets, various mitre gauge options to upgrade the one supplied with the saw, zero clearance insert options and a dust tray idea to make cleaning up dust from beneath the saw much easier.

Rubber Mat Flooring For The Garage Workshop

In this video I install rubber mats to the floor of my garage workshop.  The main reason I chose to do this was to ease the fatigue and aches and pains in my feet, legs and ankles from standing on a concrete floor all day. But it will also help to prevent damage to tools if they drop on the floor, plus it helps insulate the floor and creates better acoustics in the room.  It also hides the old, ugly concrete floor. I used two glue / adhesives in the video, one of which worked well and one of which failed miserably due to temperature issues!

Making A Shoe Cabinet & Coat Storage - Birch Plywood

In this video I make a shoe storage cabinet and a hat and coat rack for our newly renovated entrance hall using some birch plywood with a nod to mid century modern style.  Plywood furniture is not always popular with everyone, but I really like seeing the end grain particularly on birch plywood once it's sanded smooth and has a nice finish applied.

Plans & Cut Lists are available for this project for a small fee via Etsy and free to patrons on Patreon (links below)

Vlog #10 - Workshop Changes, Channel Changes, Tool Talk (broken Mirka sander / New Air Filter)

Welcome to Vlog number 10.  It's been 9 months since the last vlog!

In this one I talk about some changes and observations about the new workshop, and the performance of the YouTube channel, and tool talk featuring an update on the broken Mirka DEROS sander and how I managed to get the fault repaired, and a new (secondhand, but new to me) Record Power AC400 Air Filter for the workshop. 

Workshop Changes... 0:48
Channel Changes... 6:07
Tool Talk... 10:01

Clarke CS6-9C Belt and Disc Sander - Tool Review

This is a tool review of the Clarke CS6-9C Belt and Disc Sander / Linisher

My Dust Extraction Video: https://youtu.be/t3O6nEjVWrM
My Mitre Station Videos: part 1: https://youtu.be/rnfx1I52KlQ part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYwPhh0jjwA

Available from Machine Mart: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cs6-9bd-belt-disc-sander/

Oak Picture Frame - Framing A Pet Portrait

In this video I make a frame for a pet portrait of our cat Dylan.

I use some salvaged oak to make the picture frame - a very lucky skip find!

Stay tuned until the end to see if Dylan likes it!

Here are some links to my recent mitre station build videos which I mentioned:

Filling The Inspection Pit & Laying A Concrete Slab

In this video I fill the inspection pit in my workshop and lay a concrete slab in the process of completing the works to the floor of my workshop, with a little help from my brother Alan.  The pit was filled with household rubble following refurbishment works at our property.  We used a mix of sharp sand and cement to create the concrete mix that we used.