I'd love to use this page to feature some salvaged wood projects made by others.

If you'd like to share your project with me and with other viewers of the website, please email me some pictures and information about the project.

Tim Jenning's Desk

Tim made a desk just like the commission I made for a client using the Ikea Lerberg legs..  Looks great, and made to measure!


Chris Sullivan's DeWalt DW745 tablesaw stand

Chris' DeWalt DW745 stand.

Chris writes "I have followed you on YouTube for some time now and really like your work.  I admire how you focus on building something new from older and used materials.  Last year I got myself the same DeWalt portable table saw you have and quickly realized in needed a proper mobile and safe cart or stand for it.  I don't have proper workshop.  I have to roll or carry everything out from my shed when I want to do some wood working.  I saw what you had made for your saw and realized I needed to build the very same thing.  This past weekend I buil my version of the rag 'n bone table saw cart.  I have attached a photo for you and for your website.  I must confess I used 75% new material (plywood) and 25% scrap wood.  Like you, I did make it a little taller than my mobile work bench (not in photo) which serves as an outfeed table"

A great build, and looks fantastic! 


Ernesto Giron's Vinyl Unit Build

Ernesto got in touch via Instagram - he has built himself a vinyl unit based on my design - and it looks great! 


Jack Jones' Workshop/Shed

Jack got in touch about his workshop/shed build and sent a couple of pics - one showing it as a work in progress and one showing the end result which looks really great.  Check it out!


John Murray's Black Walnut and Copper Side Tables

John made these two beautiful tables with black walnut and copper pipe for either side of his sofa... Wow!!  They look really great.  

Definitely check out more of his work at Blind Bear Designs over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blindbeardesigns/


Tom Able's Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack & Breakfast Tray (Italy)

Tom from Italy writes:

"My name is Tom, I'm 35 and live with my fiance in Italy. I've been making stuff out of pallet/reclaimed wood in my modest workspace for about the last 3 years or so. I say modest because I currently have a homemade tablesaw, and workbench with homemade moxon style vise and a few hand tools. Some of my previous projects (before I built the saw) include a sink unit for the bathroom, patio table and benches and kitchen pantry built into an existing alcove. Looking back those early projects were put together pretty crudely, in most cases just butting the wood together with screws. Haha. But I try to improve with every build and since the table saw build I've been able to incorporate some older joinery techniques like cutting half laps and rebates etc.

I love your YT channel btw, (the uke is looking very interesting indeed) and have a lot of respect for what you do in terms of your skills and also ethically. It's great to see people like yourself making good use out of other peoples rubbish.

I have a couple of recent projects I'd like to contribute to your site, if that's cool? A coat rack, and a breakfast tray. There are two mini french cleats for hanging which sit level with the vertical cleats. It should appear as if floating once up. I did all the planing/edge jointing by hand and for the 60 degree bevels on the hexatray I had to build a dedicated jig since my blade doesn't tilt and I don't have a mitre gauge. "

I absolutely love this hexagon shaped breakfast tray - hexagon has always been my favourite shape!  And the beautiful coat rack shows perfectly how much extra character and rustic charm using pallet wood brings.  

Please check out Tom's excellent website www.handmadetoast.com which not only features ethically made woodwork projects, but also a travel blog, cooking blog and some excellent photography.


Peter Gawler's Sapele Jewellery Box (Wellingborough, England)

Sapele Jewellery Box with handcut dovetail joints and hidden drawer in plinth,

Very nice - those dovetail joints look perfect - that's something I've not attempted yet (at least hand cut ones).  A beautiful piece.


Peter Gawler's Pencil Crayon Pen (Wellingborough, England)

This is incredible - I think you'll agree!  Would love to have seen this being made...


Lou LoGiudice's (New Jersey, USA) Dog Beds

Lou from New Jersey, USA writes: "These are two of my dog beds.  Both made from scrap wood I pulled out of dumpsters.  And of course that's my dog Vito!"

They look fantastic - very grand!  And Vito looks very pleased


Lou LoGiudice's (New Jersey, USA) pallet wood printer stand

Lou from New Jersey, USA writes:

"I also make a lot of trash to treasure projects.  I can't remember the last time I actually paid for wood. Attached are some pictures of a printer stand I made from an old pallet"

What a fantastic looking stand - crisp, white and modern. Love the improvised hanging file system and the basket fits perfectly!  Thanks for sharing Lou.