Tom Able's Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack & Breakfast Tray (Italy)

Tom from Italy writes:

"My name is Tom, I'm 35 and live with my fiance in Italy. I've been making stuff out of pallet/reclaimed wood in my modest workspace for about the last 3 years or so. I say modest because I currently have a homemade tablesaw, and workbench with homemade moxon style vise and a few hand tools. Some of my previous projects (before I built the saw) include a sink unit for the bathroom, patio table and benches and kitchen pantry built into an existing alcove. Looking back those early projects were put together pretty crudely, in most cases just butting the wood together with screws. Haha. But I try to improve with every build and since the table saw build I've been able to incorporate some older joinery techniques like cutting half laps and rebates etc.

I love your YT channel btw, (the uke is looking very interesting indeed) and have a lot of respect for what you do in terms of your skills and also ethically. It's great to see people like yourself making good use out of other peoples rubbish.

I have a couple of recent projects I'd like to contribute to your site, if that's cool? A coat rack, and a breakfast tray. There are two mini french cleats for hanging which sit level with the vertical cleats. It should appear as if floating once up. I did all the planing/edge jointing by hand and for the 60 degree bevels on the hexatray I had to build a dedicated jig since my blade doesn't tilt and I don't have a mitre gauge. "

I absolutely love this hexagon shaped breakfast tray - hexagon has always been my favourite shape!  And the beautiful coat rack shows perfectly how much extra character and rustic charm using pallet wood brings.  

Please check out Tom's excellent website which not only features ethically made woodwork projects, but also a travel blog, cooking blog and some excellent photography.