Hand Tools

Here is a list of tools I either own, have owned, or have used in the past

Hand Planes

I have a video about how I like to set up my hand planes and I also talk about my collection at the end - it is available here:

So from left to right as pictured:

I have a vintage Record No.5 which I inherited from my grandfather who was a carpenter.  This is my favourite hand plane and I use it for probably 90% of my hand planing needs. I consider it to be a great "all rounder" for the work that I do.  I know a lot of people prefer a smaller hand plane like a number 4 but I like the extra size and weight.  I have not made any adjustments to it other than sharpening the cutting iron, the sole is good and flat and it's always worked fantastically well.

The plane in the middle is an Unbranded No. 4 and I don't remember where I got it from - probably a car boot sale or something.  It's not a great quality hand plane, but having spent some time flattening the sole, setting it up the way I like and cleaning it up it performs reasonably well.  The cutting edge doesn't seem to stay sharp as long as the cutting iron in my Record No. 5 though.  I use this plane the least, and tend to only use it when I'm planing questionable materials (in case I hit a nail etc.)

The plane on the right is a Draper Block Plane.   This is still available to buy here (UK Amazon) and is inexpensive.  I use this second most after the Record No. 5, mainly for bevelling or rounding over edges or just lightly breaking sharp edges to soften them.  Like most block planes this operates as a "bevel up" plane, I don't have any strong feelings either way as to which is best out of bevel up or bevel down.  It works just fine, but I don't particularly like the method for adjusting the cutting iron (which is a screw knob) so I'll probably upgrade this at some point.


Rededa No. 2 Vise

I use this all the time, and really happy with it.  Built like a tank.  When I got it, it was in bad shape – check out my Vise restoration video LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3AArHOTO-I